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>Altitude: 1300 meters

>Process: natural

>Tasting Notes: chocolate, vanilla, brown sugar, mild fruit

>Roast temperature: 420 degrees

Brazil Cafe do Valé

  • This coffee comes from “Cafe do Vale,” a collective of 15 families. They are exceptional people from small coffee farms located in the heart of Sul de Minas, in the area known as Mantiqueira de Minas. During the crop season, all the family joys the harvesting process. 
    At most farms, husband and wife work together; others have the whole family on the team, each member taking care of a different area. The cropping season lasts four to six months. The work starts early in the morning and continues until the sun goes down. Around 3 p.m., they bring down all the beans cropped on the day and begin laying the coffee on the drying beds; the coffee is sun-dried, also known as natural. They cover the coffee at night to avoid the dew and ensure high-quality beans.
    This versatile Brazil is one of our favorites and for great reasons. It's chocolaty, but complex, and it works great with other coffees in blends, but it is also a solid single origin coffee. It works great as a filter coffee, or a single origin espresso, and has yet to fail to meet any challenge we've ever thrown at it.
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