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>Altitude: 1700-1800 meters

>Process: semi-washed, sun-dried

>Tasting Notes: milk chocolate, smooth, sweet

>Roast temperature: 408 degrees

Costa Rica Finca Adelina

  • Farm El Cipres belongs to Jesus Mora Camacho and Adelina Camacho Portugues. This farm was obtained since 1936 and originally its owner was Policarpo Camacho Portugues. It has been asserted that a very traditional family immigrated to this farm decades ago and became founders; since they were one of the first families of the area to be established in Llano Bonito de Leon Cortes. This family with a solid base of traditional values dedicated their lives to the agricultural practices of coffee and livestock. They raised their children to be hard working people with a higher consciousness to take care of the soil. The legacy of their family has continued to be carried by generations and their goal is to perpetuate the practices of high end quality coffee. The family Camacho believes in the importance of being humble and honest farmers to create a chain of good role models in the agriculture field. Currently, the farm counts with an area of production of 0.7 hectares.

    Process of production: ​Diversified ​activity with shade such as Orange, Avocado, Banana, Plantain, Poro, Cedar and Indian Cane as well as fruit trees that provide food and shelter to native birds of the region. Farm El Cipres is constantly implementing better practices such as regulated shade, controlling weeds and applications of fertilizers in a sustainable manner.
    Harvest​: a selective picking for only the grains that are at the exact moment of suitable ripeness. The period of selective harvest for the Farm El Cipres is picked between December and January.
    Processing Plant: ​Semi-washed in an Ecological module in which the use of water does not exceed more than 33oz per 2.2lbs. Sun-dried process is done in patios and African raised beds.

    The producer of this lot is Elsey Solano, granddaughter of Adelina Camacho Portugues, and the lot is named Finca Adelina to her grandmother.