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>Altitude: 1300-1800 meters

>Process: washed, natural

>Tasting Notes: dark chocolate, toasted sugar, vanilla

>Roast temperature: 435 degrees

High Wire

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  • The darkest coffee that we have ever roasted, High Wire is intended for everyone who has ever thought that bright fruity flavors don't belong in coffee, that coffee is best with cream and sugar, or anyone who feels like their soul is dark and their coffee should be the same. High Wire has all the things you love about the memories of taking sips of your granddad's coffee when you were a kid, but this time you won't make a terrible face and want to spit it out.

    It is full of wonderful pleasantly bitter dark chocolate, nutty, and vanilla notes, balanced with a mild toasted sugar sweetness that will surely satisfy anyone who isn't a fan of coffees on the lighter end of the roasting spectrum.

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