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>Altitude: 1300-2200 meters

>Process: washed, natural

>Tasting Notes: milk chocolate, nuts, berries

>Roast temperature: 420 degrees

Lion Tamer Cold Brew Blend

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  • Cold brew is one of the most popular ways to enjoy coffee in America right now, but every cold brew is not equal. Sure, you could grab a bottled cold brew drink from the gas station or from the nearest corporate coffee drive thru, but that cold brew could also taste like a dirty wet sock. "Boring, bland, and just enough to get you through the day" should never have to be the way that you describe your morning coffee.

    We believe that cold brew shouldn't just be an "easy to make, store, and keep for the week in the fridge" coffee, but that it should also taste great. The Lion Tamer cold brew blend is everything we want out of a cold brew. It's packed full of the chocolaty and nutty flavors that you always hope for out of a cold brew, but also carries a wonderful fruity characteristic that keeps this coffee from ever being boring. Your life is a wonderful and beautiful adventure, and you should expect that out of your coffee too!

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