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>Altitude: 1200-2200 meters

>Process: natural

>Tasting Notes: berries, citrus, tropical fruit

>Roast temperature: 405 degrees

Painted Lady

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  • Some want intense, dark, thick coffee that causes your facial hair to grow an inch with each sip you take. (No judgement here. If that's what you're looking for, check out our High Wire blend) This coffee is anything but that.

    We wanted to make something that is more delicate, more mild, and a gentler way to wake up in the morning. This coffee is a beautiful harmony of berry, citrus, and floral notes that make for a fantastic easy-drinkin' filter coffee, hot or iced. Bright, crisp, juicy and refreshing are what we want out of a delicious flash-chilled iced coffee and Painted Lady is everything we could have ever hoped for.

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